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Nicole Ricca

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Measurements: 34-24-36
Height: 5′-7″
Who is she? Nicole Ricca is a beautiful hiphop video models who was one of the first of the hip hops honeys to break into mainstream music videos. Nicole Ricca took nude pictures on cinnamonbunz and was most known for her appearance in Nas’ “oochie wally” hiphop video. This nude black females moved on to better things and now does some modeling but is mostly committed to her Art.

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27/06/11 11:14



02/05/12 02:39


I am just short of words about you,you are too sexy and beautiful.I am your fan Bria Myles

20/06/12 14:20


Totall dime piece! Awesome face, hair and a fit but perfect booty. Definitely in a different class than most. The person posting above me is an idiot for writing the WRONG name lol.

01/07/12 09:33

Uncle B

One of my most favorite models of all time.

29/07/12 15:01


Girl is sexy, but the ass is tiny.

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